Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

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Here’s a happy spring crocus for you!

Happy Easter and all the other joyous spring celebrations happening this time of year (not including tax day)!

Today I don’t have a destination to report, but I am reminding you of my latest book, Traditional Old-World Easter-Egg Coloring Techniques, available in Kindle and print form on Amazon, along with all my other books. This book has full, step-by-step instructions for boiling and blowing eggs, then coloring them in traditional ways, not that supermarket egg-coloring-kit way. This is really fun, especially for kids. Get yours today! read more

How to Make Your Own Corn Tortillas with Masa Harina

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In anticipation of Cinco de Mayo next week, I bring you photos of my very own handmade tortillas!

I’d wanted to try my luck with homemade tortillas ever since I learned to make tamales with my friends from Mexico a couple of years ago. The desire was rekindled recently through my experimentation with Indian recipes (see my other food blog, America’s Test Chicken), where I gained experience making flatbreads.

So I acquired a fantastic machine for tortillas. I love this mechanical wonder! It’s a tortilla press. Mine’s of cast iron, but you can get a lighter version of cast aluminum. I’ve seen these in JC Penney and, of course, on Amazon.com. Makes a GREAT weapon in case of intruders! read more

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