Civic Center EATS – a Benefit Gathering of Food Trucks in Denver

Civic Center EATS is a gathering of food trucks near Denver's Capitol and courthouse. Each summer you can get your gourmet lunch from one of more than 20 food trucks parked in Civic Center Park Tuesday through Thursday. It's hard to choose only one cuisine: BBQ, Korean, Peruvian, New Orleans, coffee, ice cream, desserts, Columbian, Thai, Chinese, you name it! The event benefits the Civic Center Conservancy and you can't find a more delicious meal in Colorado.

How to Make Your Own Corn Tortillas with Masa Harina

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In anticipation of Cinco de Mayo next week, I bring you photos of my very own handmade tortillas!

I’d wanted to try my luck with homemade tortillas ever since I learned to make tamales with my friends from Mexico a couple of years ago. The desire was rekindled recently through my experimentation with Indian recipes (see my other food blog, America’s Test Chicken), where I gained experience making flatbreads.

So I acquired a fantastic machine for tortillas. I love this mechanical wonder! It’s a tortilla press. Mine’s of cast iron, but you can get a lighter version of cast aluminum. I’ve seen these in JC Penney and, of course, on Makes a GREAT weapon in case of intruders! read more