White Asparagus, or Spargel, Germany’s Favorite Spring Vegetable

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Because we had such a mild winter and an early spring this year, white asparagus, or Spargel, appeared in late March at the markets and supermarkets here in Bavaria.

It normally appears about mid-April and is enjoyed with as-close-as-Germans-get-to-wild-abandon until late June. It is not unusual for a German to have Spargel three or four times a week during Spargel season. The season is over on Johannistag, the Catholic Feast of St. John, on 24 June. During that time Spargel is in every outdoor market and supermarket and on every restaurant menu. Restaurants and pubs usually offer a special “Spargel Menu” during this time. read more

Easy Bread Soup: Another Hearty Tuscan Winter Recipe

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I am marveling a little and bragging a little when I say that, here in Munich, we have had mostly spring weather so far this winter, with temps in the 40s and 50s and many sunny days. Despite the local weather, I know my fellow Americans have had one hell of a harsh winter this year. With that in mind, I bring you a recipe for another Tuscan soup that I learned to make on my trip to Italy in December. May it help you stay warm and cozy.

The last recipe I posted was how to make ribollita, a traditional Tuscan winter soup. It’s a vegetarian’s dream, hearty and delicious. You may have noticed that it was thickened with day-old bread. read more

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