Europe 2010 – 8 May

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On my way back to my room the previous day (March 25), I’d noticed a very large church across the street from the hotel in Munich. Later in the day I’d stepped inside on an impulse and seen the most intriguing mosaic entranceway! I resolved to come back the next day when I had a little more energy and presence of mind, as well as lack of jet lag.

And so I did. I made a couple of sandwiches from the provisions I’d gotten the day before, stowed them in my bag alongside my camera and set out to get some photos. I knew from the map that there was a river on the other side of the church and hoped to find a good spot for a picnic on this warm, sunny spring day. read more

Europe 2010 – 5 May

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Munich 2010

I landed in Munich on 25 March 2010. I have to say that I was not as tired as quickly this year as last during my journey, but by the time I collected my bag and got out of the airport, I was nearing zombie state. I managed somehow to find my way to the subway and board the correct train for the main train station where I then managed to board the correct connection and get off at the right stop for my hotel. I will say, however, that I totally wish I had just gotten a taxi. It would have SO been worth the extra Euros. read more

Europe 2010 – 1 May

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I am posting this from my new place in Germany! Or, more accurately, my very old place in Germany. It has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride to get here, but I guess in the grand scheme of things, it was a little roller coaster.

I left the States on March 24 (seems like more than five weeks ago) and landed in Munich. After a couple of days there I spent the next couple of nights in Linz, Austria. After that I met my Czech friends in Brno and spent a couple of weeks with them, including Easter. All this you will read about in subsequent travel journals. read more

I wrote a book about my last trip – you can buy it now!

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Hello everyone! I’m so excited to announce that my book is ready. There are 24 pages and nine recipes. There are lots of travel stories and photos from my trip earlier this year that journaled here. The price is a mere $12.99 for a hard copy and $9.99 for the downloadable version. I’m so glad I got this out there so you’d have an option to buy it for the travelers, photographers, writers and readers, not to mention cooks, on your holiday shopping list.

You can buy it on
SmCoverRight now you can only buy it online – and I want to assure you that the web site is very secure and very reputable. I did my homework so you wouldn’t have to worry. Later, probably in December, you will be able to buy a copy at the Progress Energy Art Gallery where I work. I will let you know when that happens. For now, check it out online. read more

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