German Jägerschnitzel Recipes

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Jägerschnitzel (pronounced “YAY-gr” like the first part of Jägermeister) looks like a complicated word before you get to know it. Now that I am close friends with it, it makes my mouth water every time. It literally translates as “Hunter’s Schnitzel” which means a basic German pork cutlet, pounded thin and pan friend with a super-delicious mushroom cream sauce over it. I may have to go make myself one before I can continue this post…

While you wait, here’s a shot of the most recent Jägerschnitzel I had at a restaurant this past weekend: read more

Starkbierfest, Munich, Germany

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Now that Lent is in full swing here in Bavaria, I’ve discovered that the Germans long ago found a way to cope with the self-denial that is, or was, typical of this time of year.

Keep in mind that many beers were invented by monks in these parts. Also keep in mind that said monks also drank that beer as part of their diet, and many people still believe that beer is a nutritious part of a balanced diet.

Even though Lent, for monks, meant fasting and other acts of deprivation, it seems that doing without beer was not part of that deprivation. In fact, apparently to make up for the food they weren’t eating, so the story goes, they invented even stouter beer to keep them going through these rough times. read more