Pasco County Fair Parade in Dade City, Florida 2016

As you might imagine, I have been experiencing a little culture shock since recently moving back to Florida from Europe. In the spirit of “when in Rome” I’ve tried to find interesting things in the local area to amuse myself with and to report to you.

On a recent, rather stir crazy day, I ventured out to Dade City, about 30 minutes’ drive from my home. I’d never been there before but had heard they had quaint antique shops to visit and a very walkable shopping district. read more

St. Patrick’s Day, Munich Style

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Who knew that Munich had such a large Irish population? Or at least those who turn Irish only on St. Patrick’s Day (you know who you are!) But here we are.

My husband saw mention of a St. Patrick’s Day parade online scheduled for last Sunday. So we thought we’d check it out. I was in for a surprise.

We arrived at the starting point just before the parade to find a bagpipe ensemble practicing at the subway stop at M√ľnchner Freiheit, a trendy, fun neighborhood.

Say what you will about the actual sound, I find bagpipes fascinating. Therefore, I shot lots of the dozen or so musicians in their kilted finery. read more

Fasching / Karneval (or Mardi Gras, German Style)

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After I posted the photos of ice and lumber in my previous journal, I ventured to Bamberg to see the Bavarian version of Mardi Gras, or Fasching as they call it. It’s a huge deal in the northern part of the country, with Cologne and Dusseldorf being the capital of the craziness. However, here in Bavaria they celebrate it, too. Fasching officially starts on 11 November (11-11) at 11:00 a.m. The parties start about a week before Mardi Gras and culminate in a parade and, in places, huge firework displays and street celebrations. Here in my neighborhood it’s somewhat tamer, but there is a definite observation of the rites! read more