My Latest Book & Quirky Cafe Karibo in Fernandina Beach Florida

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This week I released my latest book, Traditional Old-World Easter-Egg Coloring Techniques - and the Kindle version is FREE until Sunday night! So hurry and get yours before time runs out. In addition, I present information and photos about wonderful Cafe Karibo in Fernandina Beach, Florida. This fun, family-owned restaurant serves up homemade beer and delicious, fresh food.

Homemade Cranberry Sauce How-To

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Some of you have asked for a homemade cranberry sauce recipe after reading my recent Hirschgulasch post. Europeans use lingonberry preserves for such a recipe, but cooks in the US can substitute cranberry sauce if they can’t find the lingonberries.

I have two good cranberry sauce recipes, and both are very easy. However, it can be a
little hard to find 100% cranberry juice (not the cocktail or
concentrate) which one recipe calls for, so here are both of my recipes:

Photo for No Apparent Reason: read more

Thanksgiving in a Foreign Land 2014

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A big THANK YOU to everyone who has bought my book (A Travel for Taste: Germany) so far! As you know, it went on sale just last week. I encourage you to order one for yourself, of course, and for holiday gifts for travelers and cooks on your list. Here are the links to do that:

  • Buy it on with US dollars. The full retail price is $21.95 although currently has a discount of 5%,which means you’ll pay only $20.85.
  • BEST BARGAIN: Buy it on my eStore at The full retail price shows up there, but use the special secret introductory discount code (JLPQKZY6)
    which will give you a 10% discount through December 20. Your
    price will be only $19.75 per copy. When you add the discount code on
    the checkout page, the discount is deducted before you finalize your
  • Buy it on (Germany).
    It’s also available on Amazon sites in France, Italy, UK and many other countries. Search on the book’s title (A Travel for Taste: Germany) to find the sale page. The price for Europe hovers between 18 and 19 Euros per copy.

Good news: I’ve made progress in converting the book to Kindle format and I hope to have that available for sale in the next couple of weeks. I’ll keep you informed, of course!

Now to the blog post proper:
I’ve blogged about this before, but I’m making huge progress on it each year, so I will blog about it again: making Thanksgiving dinner in a country other than the States. read more

How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner in a Foreign Country (for real this time)

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Just in case you’re not in the holiday spirit, know that the Christmas market is in full swing here in Bamberg, Germany, and I woke this morning to the first snowfall of the season and the scent of wood fires from nearby chimneys!

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I have learned over the years that, though I LOVE Thanksgiving in America – there’s no comparable holiday like it anywhere else – the most memorable Thanksgivings I’ve had have occurred away from home. Especially when I’ve attempted to cook a traditional meal in a foreign country – this year was no exception. read more

How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner in a Foreign Country

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As you might surmise from the title of this post, I made Thanksgiving dinner this year in Germany. However, because I had to work on the real Thanksgiving (they aren’t as thankful here in Germany and have no official thank-you holiday) I made the dinner on Sunday, 25 November. Because being creative in the kitchen took up all my energy and time, I wasn’t able to post a whole journal this week. However, I will present you with some, I hope, intriguing photos that will be part of the finished Thanksgiving journal. Until then, see if you can guess what these pictures illustrate:

Photo for No Apparent Reason: