(Almost) Albrecht Dürer Exhibit in Nuremberg – Again

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Ok, last week you read (I hope) about my aborted trip to see the once-in-a-lifetime Albrecht Dürer exhibit in Nuremberg. The wait was hours long so I had a schnitzel instead.
I attempted the trip again the following Thursday, thinking that a weekday would be better and the crowds would be smaller. Plus, bonus, it was raining that morning, so I figured I was in like Flynn, whoever Flynn is.
So I set out on the train once again and joyfully hopped off in N-berg and trekked the small distance through the lovely old town section to the German National Museum. It was looking good, I must say – the place was near deserted. I was so happy I was almost skipping!
Then I rounded the corner to the museum entrance and saw this:
Yikes! Even though I was earlier, the line was even longer in the rain! What to do???
Well, I took my place at the end of the line and amused myself by photographing the tops of other people’s umbrellas
for a while:
But, alas, the wait promised by the museum staff was at least three hours from my position in line. So, once again, I bailed.
In case you didn’t check out the website I linked to in last week’s journal, here is the link again where you can see photos of all Dürer’s work. I promise you there will be no more teasing in this blog about going to see the exhibit. It just didn’t happen. Guess I’ll have to visit all the museums all over the world some time in the future to see each piece!
After I left the museum line, instead of schnitzel this time, I headed for a great café I knew of called Café Literaturhaus. As you can tell from its name, it is named after literature. The place is big and bright, serves excellent café fare by cheerful staff and there are racks of books to read while you linger over your coffee.
I was not disappointed. I had the salad of the day, which was fresh and crisp and just the right thing, along with some fresh bread. I topped it off with a nice latte and ended up spending a couple of hours there while I watched it rain.
I have to note that most of the books in Literaturhaus are in German, but I had brought my Kindle along so I could read something in English. I also took this shot. I thought the hat and jacket looked great on that rack!
After my lunch, I went directly across the pedestrian street and right into bookstore I mentioned in last week’s journal, Buchhandlung Walther König.
This place, physically attached to the contemporary art museum (different museum than where the Dürer exhibit was) and has rows and stacks and shelves of art books in German, English and French, plus some other languages as well. The subject matter encompasses anything visually creative, from Renaissance high art to architecture to comic books to interior design. I absolutely LOVE spending time in there!
This time I bought the Dürer book I’d found the previous Sunday so at least I have a printed copy of his work.
Well, at the risk of leaving you with a let-down feeling, that’s the end of my story for this particular outing. It was still rainy that day, but I enjoyed reading my Dürer book on the train on the way home. A great thing about “reading” an art book is that you get to just look at the pictures if you want!
Stay tuned for a trip to nearby Schweinfurt next week!
Photo for No Apparent Reason:

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