Visitors from the New World – Part 1

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In my last post I told you that I would be taking a three-week break because some friends were coming to visit me here in Bamberg, Germany, where I live and teach English. Well, it’s been four weeks, so I hope you’re still reading. The three-week break took care of the visitors, but I guess I needed another week to settle into a new teaching job and recover from my visitors’ vacations!
So, I’m back. In this post you’ll see just what me and my visitors were up to for those three glorious weeks. BTW, one visitor was my lovely husband James and the other two were Cyndie and Bram Smith, good friends of ours from Florida. Cyndie is a talented metal-jewelry artist I met while I was director at the art gallery there.
They all arrived on the same flight in late September, which made the hook-up easy, and I met them at Munich’s main train station. I’d taken the train in from Bamberg and they had taken the train from the airport. Then we all made our way to Marienplatz to see the Glockenspiel and have Weisswurst and beer for breakfast. Here’s a shot of Bram (the back of the head closest to my lens) watching the Glockenspiel, but mostly giggling with me about the combover of the guy in the red shirt in front of us!
Here’s the back of Cyndie’s head (long hair, on the right) as she takes a picture of the Glockenspiel in action.
And here’s James enjoying a wonderful Oktoberfest beer along with his Weisswurst. Because Weisswurst translates literally as “white sausage” and because they are actually white in color, Cyndy dubbed them “White Weenies.”

Since I am lucky enough to have seen the Glockenspiel many times, it’s my special pleasure to watch the crowd watch the Glock. I get great people shots from this. Here’s one of a “living tripod” who looks like she’s used to filling this role for the photographer behind her.

We ventured around the corner to the wonderful Viktualienmarkt where, among all the luscious fruits, vegetables, cheese, wine and beer, we saw artichokes that had bloomed. This is what they look like if you don’t pick them while you can still eat them.

Also among the abundance in the V-Markt was this interesting character weaving in and out of the crowd with his bicycle. He was moving fast and I almost missed getting a shot of him before he disappeared. James said he overheard the guy complaining about people staring
at him. Now I ask you, if you go outside in a get-up like this, how can you NOT expect people to stare at you?? Aside from the weird outfit, my favorite part of this shot is the lady next to him stifling laughter.
After a stop at the Andechser tavern to try THAT beer, we made our way back to the train station to wait for our train to Bamberg. Meanwhile, Cyndie discovered the BEST ice cream with warm raspberry sauce EVER – in the train station – can you believe it??
Once we arrived in Bamberg and got Cyndie and Bram settled in their hotel, we walked around for a bit, with me providing a little color commentary. We ended up in the Old Town district and stopped at the newest brewery in Bamberg, the Ambrausianum. Instead of beer, however, I introduced Cyndie and Bram to the seasonal local wine specialty, Federweisser.

Federweisser translates literally as “feather white” which refers to the fact that the wine so young that it still has yeast suspended in it, giving it a feathery appearance. I describe it in an article here. Suffice it to say that it’s very sweet and goes down easy – probably too easy! In fact, we put away a lot of the stuff during the trip. You’ll see it in other photos in this blog, along with it’s cousin, Federrotling (feather red), the red version.
Cyndie has written a lot about the trip from her point of view, including some of her photos, in her own blog, so give that a peek.
Next time I’ll describe a wonderful bike ride through the German countryside and the rest of the whirlwind week Cyndie and Bram were here. I’m hoping, through the account of this trip, to entice other visitors to this side of the pond! Stay tuned!
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