My Newest Book, “A Travel for Taste: Germany”, is Now Available for Sale!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American peeps! And just in time for Black Friday, my newest book is available for sale online! I’m hoping that it will save you a shopping trip or two since you can buy it with a couple of clicks.

Here’s what it looks like on the outside, back and front:

Isn’t it handsome?? I’m so proud of it. In addition to the recipes and cooking tips, it’s filled with travel stories, culture and history I’ve come to know by living in Bavaria. Plus I’ve got many of my photos in there, too. I especially dig the photo of the potatoes on the back cover (pun intended).

It’s available on, as well as European Amazon sites. There is also a way to get it via my eStore on Here are some details:

Click here to buy it on with US dollars. The full retail price is $21.95 although currently has a discount of 5%,which means you’ll pay only $20.85.

Right now we are still in the process of getting the Amazon pages configured, so you might not see the “Look Inside” feature. But it will be there within a few days. Keep trying if the page is a little quirky – there are still some updates coming.

There will also be a Kindle version as soon as I work the kinks out of formatting the photos for that. Stay tuned; I’m hoping to get that finished by next week.

Here’s how to buy:

BEST BARGAIN: Click here to buy it on my eStore at The full retail price shows up there, but I’m giving you a special secret introductory discount code (JLPQKZY6) which will give you a 10% discount through December 20. That means your price will be only $19.75 per copy. When you add the discount code on the checkout page, the discount is deducted before you finalize your order.

For my European friends, the book is available on European Amazon sites. Click here to buy it on (Germany). The price for Europe hovers between 18 and 19 Euros per copy. I’m not sure why the price varies from France to Italy, for example, but the prices seem to stay within a Euro of each other.

I’m so thrilled to have this book finished and out there for you! Several recipes in the book have appeared on this blog, but now they have updated stories and photos with them. I’ve done everything I can think of to convert the recipes into something doable and easy for a home cook in the USA to accomplish with confidence. Metric measurements have been converted to US units and I photographed the dishes to make sure you know what to expect in your results. I provide the German names of the dishes and other phrases, too, in case you’re into that.

One of the best features of the book is that I describe the culture of the places and faces where I got the recipes. So, it’s a good read, even if you aren’t into cooking. There is information about eating out at restaurants in Germany, including beer gardens; the history and culture of Bavaria and its subset of geography, Franconia; and the final word on what a real Wiener Schnitzel really is (hint: not a hot dog from a fast food chain). You can see pictures of Franconian wine bottles, designed so that they wouldn’t roll down the hill in a field, and the German wine glasses called Römer after the Romans who settled the area and brought the grapevine to Germany.
Here’s the Table of Contents so you can see exactly what’s inside:

And the page describing exactly what kind of food you find in Bavaria:

Here’s the page with information about the famous Franconian Easter Fountains:

As you can see, there’s just so much more than cooking instructions! I really hope you get yourself and loved ones a copy of this book. It’s definitely a labor of love and one that I hope benefits many more people than just me. So get your copies now – and thanks!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. And today I am thankful that you are the greatest blog audience ever!

Photo for No Apparent Reason (ok, the reason is apparent this time):

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