Hillsborough River State Park in Florida

While it seems the rest of the world is under a blanket of snow, I’ll share some beautiful winter scenes from Florida this week. Although it has gotten quite chilly, even freezing, overnight recently, the days have been perfect!
My husband and I visited Hillsborough River State Park last weekend for the first time.
We had to drive about 40 minutes to get there, but it was worth it. It’s a rather big park, over 2990 acres, and was founded in 1938. You can camp there, hike and bike, fish, kayak, picnic, take pictures, swim in the big pool, have a snack at the cafe. It’s all good!
Here ya go:
It’s on Florida Highway 301.

Of course the Hillsborough River runs right through it. There is a suspension bridge but it’s presently closed for repairs.




These are Class II rapids, folks!








And some lucky pilot was enjoying the park from above.

It was a great visit and we hiked what I call the bunny trail, which is a baby-level trail comparable to the bunny slope at a ski resort. There were more lengthy trails with slightly more challenging terrain (it’s hard to find a real uphill trail in Florida), but I’ll have to take those on next time.

I recommend this park! For $6 per vehicle, you can’t beat it!

Photo for No Apparent Reason: