Historic Lutz, FL, Train Station – and new subscription method!

Before we get to the train station photos:

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On to the blog proper. A week or so ago, I went out with my photo buddy, Paula Showen, to photograph, oh, lots of things. But in this post I will show you just one of our location shoots. It’s the historic Lutz, Florida, train station.

You know me, first we must have a pronunciation lesson. ‘Lutz’ is pronounced ‘loots’ not ‘luts’. There. That was painless, right?

The train station is actually a replica of the original and it’s located in “beautiful downtown Lutz”, which means at the intersection of Highway 41 and Lutz Lake Fern Road. The original was located across the road from this replica, or behind it in the photo below. These days the original location is occupied by a Jazzercize and a Feed Depot.


The station was the first and only train station for Lutz. In 1907 the Tampa Northern Railroad was built, connecting Tampa to Brooksville and points north, putting a stage coach line out of business. An engineer on the line, William Lutz, named one of the stops where the train picked up more wood for its steam engine after himself: Lutz Station.

In 1909, William’s brother Charles built a narrow-gauge tram line that connected to the Tampa Northern. This line ran lumber from his sawmill in Odessa, 10 miles to the east. Lutz Station became Lutz Junction and the station building was constructed.

The tram line was nicknamed the Peavine Railroad because it was so curvy and twisty. This could explain why Lutz Lake Fern Road is so convoluted; I think the old railroad was the precursor of the current-day automobile road.

There isn’t much more to see of the station than the two pictures above, though there is a large, grassy area adjoining it where July Fourth picnics and so on are held. But here are some detail shots:


Highway 41 runs parallel to the tracks. The station is to the left of this picture and behind me:sta7Can you tell the tracks were more interesting to me than the station house?

Next to the station is the Lutz library. It has this interesting relief sculpture on the outside:


Lutz is unincorporated today, but its name is official because the US Postal service eventually authorized a post office there. Today’s population is slightly less than 20,000.

So you’ve visited my “town”. Hope you didn’t blink. I also hope you took the time to subscribe using the form above on the right. Can you belive I started this blog back in 2005? Looking forward to many more years together!

Photo for No Apparent Reason:


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