Car Show in Pasco County, Florida

Memorial Day is a big deal here in the States, and it marks the beginning of summer proper. I was casting about, trying to find something appropriate for the occasion for this blog post. Then I thought of one of America’s industries that pretty much changed the world: automobiles.

Earlier this year my husband and I visited a car show at Heritage Springs Community Country Club in Trinity, Florida. Heritage Springs is a huge, 55+ community with a golf course and lots of other amenities. It also has a huge event hall where I’ve been to a couple of parties and wedding receptions through the years.

This time I didn’t have to go any farther than the parking lot, though. This time they were having a car show outdoors. Once I got home, I was surprised to find I’d taken about 115 photos of the visit, but I managed to pare it down to a viewable 20 or so for this post.

So, in honor of Memorial Day, of those who died protecting this nation, and of just how great America is, I give you American steel:

Love those fins!

Road-worthy trunk contents:

One of my favorites, though it wasn’t originally American. All the mods sure are, though!

You can almost hear these engines roar!

These antique Indian bikes were for sale:I think Sam Elliot brought his car:

There were plenty of modern machines, too:

Enjoy your holiday, people!

Photo for No Apparent Reason:

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