Magnolia Terrace Tea Room, Weeki Wachee, Florida

Recently a friend invited me to the Magnolia Terrace Tea Room in Weeki Wachee, Florida. She had never been there, but she had a Groupon and asked if I wanted to check it out with her. Sure! I grabbed my cooking buddy and we three set out to the tea room.

Of course, that’s not tea in the above photo; it’s our soup starter. But I wanted you to see the porcelain they served us in.

The tea room is located in a strip mall:

The owner, a very nice woman who looked about 60, has tried to dress it up with frilly tea things:

And there are tea-y things on sale:

The tea was served in pots with cozies and we sipped from porcelain cups. The sugar cubes were in a coffee mug covered with a very cute little crocheted drape with beads. The owner told us she made it herself:

We ordered the “High Tea Tier”, which seemed more or less authentic and was quite tasty:

In addition to the dining room, there was a backroom full of tiny tables and several racks of very princess-y costumes. I hadn’t seen that much tulle in one place since I helped my friend prepare for her daughter’s wedding several years ago! Turns out the Tea Room has princess parties for children, and the costumes are for them. A “real, live princess” hosts these teas and I imagine it would be fun for a group of little ones to do it for a birthday party. Pictures and details are all over their website.

As a tie-in, I’m giving you my chai tea recipe below. It’s so good!

The Magnolia Terrace Tea Room is obviously a labor of love on the part of the owner. It’s a tea room in Weeki Wachee, Florida, as my friend put it, but it was rather nice. And a nice change from a tiki bar, for sure.

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Photo for No Apparent Reason: