Queen Anne Urban BnB, Denver, CO

Back in June, I posted a blog about Loveland, Colorado, which I’d visited that same month. As you might imagine, I visited other places during that trip as well. This post starts a short series about some of the other Colorado places I went.

This post is about the charming Queen Anne Urban Bed and Breakfast in Denver. My husband and I stayed there while we toured the greater Denver area. I found it on, and booked it through, TripAdvisor.com. The BnB is actually two Victorian houses on adjacent lots. Here’s the one with the office and kitchen/dining area plus a few rooms:


And the other with sleeping quarters:


I love that tower! Our room was in the first building on the third floor – old buildings don’t have elevators, so hauling our bags up there was a bit of a task, especially in that thin air that we aren’t used to, but we made it. Our room was very clean and basic, but kind of dark because we had the attic space with only a couple of small windows. The other rooms in the place are all done by artists and designers. I managed to glimpse a few of them while passing by during our stay. They seemed much more interesting than ours. Check out their website for photos of the more interesting ones.


The BnB is located on Tremont Place facing a rather large city park. It’s in a quiet neighborhood but very close to downtown haps. We were able to easily walk to the nearby 17th Street bar and restaurant district, to the State Capitol building and to the 16th Street mall shopping area.



The Queen Anne has a beautiful, well-kept garden area in the back where you can take your breakfast if weather permits. Weather permitted and it was lovely:


The glass-covered box at the corner of the building on the left is an herb-drying apparatus. You can see lots of herbs growing here that are used in the kitchen. In fact, the boxes with the hoops out front of the building with the tower are organic gardens where they grow as many vegetables as possible for use in the kitchen. The whole place has a very green mission. The food is local, farm-to-table fare, the linens are organic cotton, and the cleaning agents are all natural products.

queenannegardenstrawberryAnd ya just gotta love a place with an Aunty-Em cellar door!    cellardoordenver

Each afternoon the guests are invited to gather in the parlor to sit on the red velvet couch, have a little wine and get to know each other. The first breakfast we had there included aloo parantha, which was described as a sort of Indian pancake. I was delighted because my friend Cyndie had made these for our cooking blog, America’s Test Chicken. Although we had done fairly well at Indian flatbreads like this, considering we were total newbies at Indian cuisine, I was thrilled to meet Milan Doshi, the owner, who was cooking for us that morning.


He was kind enough to give me some tips and “secret” ingredients for my next attempt at aloo parantha. I’ll do that some day and let you know. I’ve also written to him and asked for his recipe. If he sends it, I’ll pass it along to you. Either way, the flatbread, eggs and every other thing on that breakfast tray was wonderful! I highly recommend this place. The service is great, the location is great, and the accommodations are the charming BnB experience everyone hopes for. denverbnbqueenanne

Photo for No Apparent Reason:


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  1. Quaint and lovely! I really like Denver, Boulder and the ski areas around there. Next time you’re in Denver make sure you try eating at the Buckhorn Exchange (I first ate there in 1983). The decor along with exotic meats is a real experience:). I never miss eating there when visiting.

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