NEW BOOK: Photos for No Apparent Reason (PFNAR) 2015!

First order of business: Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband! Today marks 29 years of wedded bliss. And they said it wouldn’t last!

Next, I’m SO EXCITED to bring you the news: my latest book, Photos for No Apparent Reason (PFNARs) 2015 hit the shelves this week!


Subscribers to this blog already know about it; I sent them an email yesterday with a discount code for 20% off the retail price! If you aren’t subscribed, do so now and you get the code as well!

PFNAR 2015 is a collection of all the Photos for No Apparent Reason from 2015, PLUS all the dates, locations and backstories about the pictures. Many readers have asked me over the years for details about the photos. Well, here you are!

It’s a glossy, 8″x10″ paperback, 104-page book with 48 full-color photos from all the blog posts last year. You will also find the very first PFNAR from 2010 – the pig that started it all:


Here’s what the detail page about him looks like:


You’ll notice a comment by someone who calls himself B.C. PFNAR – he’s a reader who insists on making comments about each PFNAR I publish. I’ve included many of his hysterical quotes in the book. Bonus!

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I don’t have to tell you that the book makes a wonderful gift for the what-do-I-get-this-person on your holiday shopping list. It’s good for office gift exchangees, photographers, Mom and your bestie. Get yourself one, too. It’s a great coffee-table book and conversation piece.

I’m planning more PFNAR books in the future, eventually publishing the details of each one through the years. So this is the first of the eventual box set! But don’t wait on me; strike while the iron is hot!

And, as always, you can shop for all my books and ATFT gear by clicking the “Shop all my books” on this page. Happy shopping and buy my book (and gear and stuff)!

And, of course, your

Photo for No Apparent Reason: