Cheese Importers in Longmont: French Bistro in Colorado

In contrast to my last few posts (lowriders, salsa verde and Casa Bonita) that had a distinctly Mexican tone, today I’m bringing you a more European flavor – literally. As in cheese!

The same day I visited the Longmont Museum to see the lowriders, there was something else in Longmont on my radar: Cheese Importers. I got the tip from my new hairdresser here in Broomfield. Her name is Jill and she did a fantastic job on my hair plus was a font of information about things to do and see around here.

So, on Jill’s recommendation, my husband and I drove about a stone’s throw from the museum to a large, industrial-looking warehouse that bore the Cheese Importers sign:

This huge, looming structure was built in 1931. It was originally the diesel-fueled power station for the city. Apparently it had sat empty since the 1970s. Then it became storage for the Longmont Museum for a few years. Cheese Importers located their bistro and market there about five years ago. Their wholesale distribution business remains at the original location a mile or so away.

But it is so much more than a warehouse now! Opening the wonderfully stenciled doors, visitors are greeted with a French kitchen shop (with all my favorite blue and yellow items) – plus goodies from around the world. It seems even larger on the inside, and there are imports in every nook and cranny:

Note the chicken “department” in the foreground above.

I chuckled a lot, seeing all the same souvenirs of France I’d seen in Paris back in 2015 – I even have some of them already!

Cheese Importers features a huge bar area:

And a bistro, too. You order at a small counter from some very friendly and knowledgeable folks (I had French onion soup and a pear and bleu cheese salad). Then you take a seat either in the bar seating area or upstairs, which is mostly bistro tables with lots more souvenirs and such around the edges.

You can also find a pleasant chair and table out back on the patio:

They bring the food to the table when it’s ready. And it’s really fresh and delicious! Next time I’ll try some of the baked goods.

Back inside, a refrigerated cheese room occupies about a third of the square footage. You open the door and the smell hits you, but you soon become used to it. Not like the sheep cheese farm I visited in Italy, thank goodness!

They have everything! I mean EVERYTHING! From European imports to local artisan cheeses, I haven’t seen a selection like this since the Viktualienmarkt in Munich!

This place rivals Mazzaro in St. Pete, FL, for selection and ambience. Maybe even better? I can’t make that call right now, but I’ll keep going back to Cheese Importers until I’m sure!

So, when you come to visit me, definitely plan on a trip to Cheese Importers for lunch and shopping. It’s a fabulous experience!

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