A Taste of Colorado in Denver, Labor Day Weekend

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Earlier this year I posted a blog about Civic Center EATS here in Denver, a gathering of food trucks in Civic Center Park downtown in front of the Capitol building. Little did I know that, every Labor Day weekend, A Taste of Colorado puts EATS to shame! It’s like vendor-and-food-truck-o-rama-with-your-gramma on steroids!

My husband and I caught the train downtown on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. We thought we’d get a jump on the festivities since this monster event attracts over half a million visitors over four days!

Here are some of the street scenes we were met with:

Aside from the intense sunshine and the coolness of the shade, not to mention the Capitol dome presiding over all of it, here are some of the reminders I saw that I’m definitely in Colorado:

Admission for A Taste of Colorado is free, then you buy tickets at strategically-placed booths. You use the tickets to pay for rides, beer and food, though you get a free Coors for every 15 tickets you buy on Friday – file that under ‘Reminders I’m in Colorado’, too! There was such a variety of food there – it was so hard to decide what to try. Plus all the cooking made great photos:

We finally decided on the pulled wild-boar sandwich with parmesan-truffle fries from the Barbed Wire Reef booth. It was so good we are going to check out their brick-and-mortar downtown soon. Can you believe I asked a complete stranger if I could take a picture of her funnel cake because I was too full for dessert? Yeah, I do, too!

I really loved this event, and I’m sure that it was an entirely different scene after dark, too. They had rather big names on the stages like Rick Springfield, Shiela E and 38 Special. One of the stages was designated for chefs and food-related shows and even ice-cream-eating contests! The rides weren’t quite set up when we were there, but they were working on it. I imagine the lights against the night sky and the Capitol would be something!

A Taste of Colorado is definitely on my calendar for future years, but I needed just a taste this time (all puns intended).

Photo for No Apparent Reason:

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