Lulu’s Farm and Roadside Market in Brighton, Colorado

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Last September, on the same day that I visited Shep the Turnpike Dog‘s grave, I drove to Brighton, Colorado. My destination: Lulu’s Farm Roadside Market. There are so many local farms around here, and I chose this as my first visit because of the smoked peppercorn and other products on the shelf at The Chili Guys, where I got my Hatch chilis last fall. All the little plastic containers of goodies had Lulu’s Farm labels. And so I set out.

Lulu’s is, as I said, in Brighton, about 30 minutes east of where I live. It’s northeast of Denver and northwest of the airport. And it’s very, very flat, out on the prairie, so to speak. And it was very windy that day, as is the prairie lots of the time.

Only a gravel parking lot served the roadside market building, which was adjacent to the working farm. I could see farm machinery and people working the fields next to the parking lot, and most of the dust rose from there. I managed to get the sand out of my eyes long enough to do this photo:

Closer to the door I could see they had a quite attractive area, “done up real nice-like”:

The place was bigger than I thought it might be. There was an indoor area and an outdoor area. They had a little bit of everything, from fresh produce:

to growing things, like herbs:

grills of all sorts:

those packages of prepared snacks, seasonings and so forth:

and even some antiques for decoration:

Outside I saw these awesomely long ristras (strings of dried chili peppers). I’d gotten one at The Chili Guys last fall, and I think one of these would make about 12 of mine! There was a chili roaster going full blast here at Lulu’s, too.Lulu’s also has fresh eggs, meat and fish from local sources, kitchen and grill gadgets, books and countless other products. I could browse there for hours! I recently discovered that they hold the Brighton Chili Festival there every September, too. That’s definitely on my list now.

Photo for No Apparent Reason:

5 thoughts on “Lulu’s Farm and Roadside Market in Brighton, Colorado”

  1. Greetings from Florida! Yes… I am still here, LOL.

    I wish we had a market like this around here. This looks like a chef’s paradise!

  2. I enjoyed reading about Brighton’s roadside market here. I’ve never seen a roadside market that was this big. The selection looks excellent and it has an eclectic variety of antiques too. Karren, how do you find places like this? Do you just drive through and see what’s out there or do you do some research?

    • Hello and thanks for your comment! I find places like this by absolute research! The internet is my main source, plus people who always have suggestions when they find out I do this sort of thing. Sometimes I see a place while driving and then return later when I have time to explore, but most often is through research.

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