Denver Auto Show at the Convention Center

Last weekend was the annual Auto Show at the Denver Convention Center, the selfsame location of the Big Blue Bear, if you remember that post a few weeks ago. Since one of the sponsors was AAA Insurance, they had a deal where, if you contacted them for an auto insurance quote, you got two free tickets to the show. And so we did. Bottom line: our USAA insurance was still cheaper, and we still got the two tickets (a $26 value!).

It was the first time I was inside the Convention Center, which is very nice. The only other Auto Show I’d been to was in Tampa a few years back. I think maybe Tampa had more space devoted to the event, at least at the time, and Tampa also used the patented “highway carpet”, which was printed like a highway so you knew where to walk. Denver didn’t have the carpet, but we somehow managed to find our way through the cars.

Anyway, I wanted to see the new MINIs, of course, and my husband wanted to see the Jeeps. We both wanted to check out the Subarus, too. On the way to the MINI exhibit, we saw a military vehicle display:

Then I saw the MINIs:

What I didn’t know about in advance was that Jeep had set up an “off-road adventure” course. My husband sprang that one on me. You could ride in a Jeep as a trained driver took you over the roughest course I’d been on since probably high school when a friend of mine took me in her brother’s Wrangler up the side of a mountain. Check out this video I shot after we got our teeth rattled on the course. We rode in the black Grand Cherokee you see first in the video. But notice the guy in the white tshirt at the end of the video – it’s how we all felt climbing out of that car!

Here’s are some high-end cars we saw and other scenery:

And they had a section called “Antique Road Show”:

It was crowded but the people were fairly courteous. We enjoyed seeing the cars, especially for free admission! Afterward, we lunched in downtown Denver and had Cheesecake Factory dessert. It was a great Sunday outing and I would highly recommend it. I even got a MINI keychain out of the deal!

Photo for No Apparent Reason:


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