Tangerine Restaurant in Lafayette, Colorado

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This week’s post goes along with my post about the “vampire” grave in Lafayette, Colorado, that I posted a couple of weeks ago. On my way to the cemetery, I passed through Lafayette’s Old Town for the first time. On the way back, I stopped there because I’d seen the Tangerine Restaurant and wanted to try it.

I’d seen mention of Tangerine in local magazines, but I didn’t realize Lafayette had one. Boulder has the original, and I thought I’d have to go there. But I didn’t!

Tangerine, according to their website, counts Chef Alec Schuler as its owner. He also owned a place called Arugula in Boulder until last January. Tangerine is his breakfast/lunch/brunch restaurant.

It’s a bright and sunny place, lots of windows, decked out in tangerine:

They have a rather large menu with some interesting twists on old standards:

In my estimation, a restaurant with less-than-clean silverware is an ominous indicator of the restaurant’s quality. I had nothing to worry about with Tangerine – theirs looked like it just came out of the box! I was so moved by the shiny I had to take a picture!

I ordered the steak and eggs. Notice the tangerine-colored coffee cup! For that matter, they had excellent coffee, too.

The food was great. Everything was fresh and to my order. As usual, I loved the potatoes the most! I’m really looking forward to going back to try more menu items, especially their twist on mimosas – they make them with additions of various fruit and veggie juices. Care to brunch?

Photo for No Apparent Reason:

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  1. Karren, I’m coming with you the next time to tangerine. 😉 The food seems to be delicious. The silverware looks like a bit as from WMF (type: Koblenz). I worked for this company years ago. Best wishes from Germany.

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