Celestial Seasonings Tea Company Prairie Dog Preserve

Last week I showed you photos from my Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory tour, like these:

This week is kind of a supplement to the last post. But first, I want you to remember the cutest Colorado animal, the prairie dog, which I’ve also blogged about. The reason I bring up P-dogs is because there is a huge prairie dog preserve surrounding Celestial Seasonings!

Here’s a shot of the field next to the tea factory. You can see the prairie dog mounds and a couple of the little fatties if you look closely:

One might wonder why Celestial Seasoning has such a preserve just outside their door. Well, you must first understand that, in Colorado, builders, farmers and ranchers don’t like them very much. They create huge networks of burrows that annoy builders and undermine crops, and their mounds are dangerous for cows’ and horses’ ankles.

All the same, it’s illegal to kill them just because you want to build, farm or ranch where they live. I believe the regs state that you must make every effort to move the entire colony if you plan anything for the land they live on. Imagine the logistics of that!

Anyway, way back in 1999, Celestial Seasonings was caught red-handed poisoning prairie dogs as a matter of course in their landscape management program. When the word got out, a massive boycott was planned. CS subsequently admitted their wrongdoing, and, as part of their restitution, they set aside all their unoccupied land for a prairie dog preserve. I believe there was a sign about it on site for many years, but I didn’t see any such sign when I visited.

I have to hand it to the tea people – they stepped up, admitted their mistake, apologized, and tried to make things right. Even now, the descendants of those last-century rodents surround the tea factory. Here’s a picture I took around back next to the loading docks:

So if you want a close look at fat little p-dogs, visit Celestial Seasonings in Boulder!

Photo for No Apparent Reason:

6 thoughts on “Celestial Seasonings Tea Company Prairie Dog Preserve”

  1. I think they may have removed the signs from the Prairie Park because they were considering selling it… there is a plan to rezone the land from commercial to residential, and build 268 units where the prairie dogs are!
    They were acquired by Hain food group years ago, whose headquarters in in NY. So they probably just want to squeeze some money out of the land, and do not feel obliged to honor the agreement Celestial reached with the environmentalists.
    Let Celestial Seasonings how much you enjoyed the park…

  2. If enjoying the nature of our Celestial Seasoning prairie dog park has brought you happiness…make your voice heard and do not let them build giant apartment rentals on our prairie dog land!!! January 2021, Celestial is still trying to destroy the sweet prairie dogs. HELP!

    • Thanks for sharing! Hain Celestial went under contract with the developers on December 23rd 2020 knowing that the prairie dogs will most likely be poisoned. How can we stop this? Celestial has made their minds up and Boulder counsel wants the development. So sickening!

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