Mile High Flea Market, Denver, Colorado

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There is a very large flea market in Denver: Mile High Flea Market, located northeast of downtown. I’ve seen tons of advertising about how big it is and how they have simply everything! My friend who recently moved here was looking for cheap furniture, so she asked me along to this shopping mecca.

We went fairly early on a Saturday, I guess before hoards of people showed up. But it seemed rather sparsely attended that day. But it WAS huge, and you could buy just about anything you cared to look for. I got a small bonsai tree, but that was the extend of our purchases. My friend didn’t find any furniture to suit, but there was plenty to see.

There were lots of buildings with lots of new goods, from clothes to sporting goods to plants to…

I liked the architecture of the little stall buildings.

I liked the street signs, too. I always appreciate food on the directional signage!

There was a very big farmers market there, but it was autumn and the variety wasn’t what I had seen during the summer months. Still, everything seemed pretty fresh:

Kids had something to do, too:

And the tent here is the Event Center. I think they hold concerts and other events in there.

Overall it was a nice outing. Though they did have a section with garage-sale type things, most of the merch was new. I think we would have preferred more used things, but there you are. Oh, and they had a couple of snack bars and several food truck/trailer/cart businesses. People were super friendly, too, and the prices were mostly pretty low. I’m not sure if I will make it back over there, but I’m happy I’ve seen it.

Mile High Flea is open Friday through Sunday 7a – 5p, rain or shine, year-round. Admission is $2 per person on Fridays, $3 per person on Saturdays and Sundays, and $5 gets you a weekend pass. They have plenty of free parking, too. Pick up a map from the ticket-seller; it’ll help you figure out where in the heck you actually are!

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