The Little Free Library Near You

When I moved to Colorado, I began noticing small wooden boxes on posts in people’s yards and in front of businesses. They contained used books that anyone can come and get. Readers can also leave a book if they like, but they don’t have to.

This one was in Berthoud, Colorado, which I posted about recently:

And this one is in the Westminster Arts District, which I also posted about a few weeks ago:

Here’s the full view of that one:

After a while, I noticed that all of these boxes, which are all slightly different but approximately the same size, had the title of Little Free Library. Turns out what I thought were individuals having the same good idea was actually an organized plan by a non-profit called, you guessed it: Little Free Library. And they’re worldwide – there is even one in Munich, which I never saw, unfortunately.

I had never noticed these in Florida, where I lived before. And, indeed, there aren’t nearly as many there as here. But I love this idea! Visit the Little Free Library website to find the specs for building them, or you can buy one of the kits to make a book box. Of course they accept donations, and library stewards can buy deeply-discounted books there, too.

Check out their map registry to locate one near you.

When we get our house here, I’m definitely going to build one of my own! Now you’re edified!

Photo for No Apparent Reason:

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