Tangled Tumbleweed Restaurant in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska

Recently I posted about my awesome trip to see the annual Pony Express Re-Ride at Scotts Bluff, Nebraska. While waiting (and waiting and waiting) on the pony to arrive, I had lunch at the Tangled Tumbleweed restaurant in Scottsbluff. I found it online, as in “restaurants near me”. I chose it because it was one of the few one-off local places, not a chain. Plus it got pretty good reviews. It’s a block off the main drag on Avenue A.

It was a cool, ladies-luncheon-type place that featured a lot of wine. In fact, there was a group of ladies having lunch there, tee-heeing like ladies having wine at lunch.

The Tumbleweed is in a converted mechanics garage with some really cool leftover infrastructure like the concrete floor, plus some rustic, country-style decorations:

And, as with lots of places here in Colorado, it had glass garage doors that are raised when the weather is nice.

The absolute BEST part of this lunch was their special pretzels. They were served like you’d get chips and salsa at a Mexican joint, brought to the table with the glass of water.

They were suffused with some sort of seasoning, much like the Seasoned Saltines recipe I included in my ATFT: AppSnax book. Let me tell you, these were pretzel crack! I could have eaten tons of them! I’ve since found more than a few recipes for similar snax online. Can’t wait to make them myself.

Once I came up for air from devouring the pretzel crack, I perused the menu. Here it is so you can peruse it, too.

I decided on the Tangled Salad:

It looked marvelous. The ingredients were very fresh, too. However, something about the balsamic dressing wasn’t quite to my liking. It just clashed with the water chestnuts somehow. But it wasn’t so bad that I didn’t finish most of it!

I would like to try out a few more things on the menu, though I don’t believe I’ll return to the Tangled Tumbleweed any time soon. Unless I go to the PE Re-ride next year, I probably won’t find myself in Scottsbluff in the future. But if I do, I’m going back. Besides, they sell the pretzels in Mason jars at the counter!

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