Colorado Cannabis Tours and Puff Pass and Paint, Denver

I’m sure most of you know by now that Colorado was the first state in the US to legalize recreational cannabis (in 2014). The medical and recreational marijuana retail industry, coupled with the recent huge interest in CBD oil products and a budding (so sorry for that pun) interest in hemp products, has led to a proliferation of cannabis farms in the state.

In light of all that, many peripheral businesses have popped up to take advantage of the market, too. One of those companies is Colorado Cannabis Tours. I did one of the tours during the summer with a friend, and it netted me two blog posts. In this post I explain my experience with the tour and company itself.10-24 LaynieGanja

First off, I knew these were my people when I saw the welcome mat:

And I totally love the name tags:

The tour I was on was not a pot-smoking tour, although the company offers those, too. This tour was about the cannabis farm and the production of a cannabis crop for the production of hemp and CBD oil.

The office of the company shares digs with Puff, Pass and Paint, which is similar to one of those wine-drinking and painting establishments. The difference, of course, is that the participants smoke cannabis instead of drinking wine as they paint.

So here’s the front office, which is located in an industrial zone/warehouse district in Denver:

I really love the Colorado flag rendered with cannabis leaves and mountains. This office serves as the small gift shop, too, where you can buy t-shirts, hemp tea, CBD oil products and various smoking papers and such. It’s not a dispensary, though.

There we met Alayna Adair, or Laynie Ganja, as she calls herself. She was our guide for the day and informed us that we were the only two on the tour. I can’t tell you how informed and enthusiastic Laynie is! She not only guides these tours, but she also works for the cannabis farm we visited in a PR capacity. She’s been on TV and in countless blogs and magazines, etc. She has personality plus!

She is an excellent ambassador for cannabis products. Before we got started, we sat in the Puff, Pass and Paint room adjacent to the front office:

There, she gave us the rundown on the science and history of cannabis, CBD, hemp, etc., especially as it relates to US history. Here she is in mid-instruction. You can see some of the Puff, Pass and Paint artwork on the wall behind her:

The tray in the foreground holds the “Puff” part of the deal. On the walls were maps that participants in the tours and painting sessions had signed:

Laynie had handouts for us and she also sent me a more detailed version of it via email after the tour. Click here to download the handout. It’s rather long, but it has some important and eye-opening historical and practical information in it. I encourage you to read all of it. At least scan it!

After our short educational interlude, we boarded the van:

Although it was transport to the farm for us that day, it also doubles as a party bus. In the picture below, I love that Seth Rogan is rolling a joint on the video screen behind Laynie as we drove out to the farm.

Also note that the bus has no windows. That’s a video screen on the left showing what the exterior camera is picking up along the way. It was very dark in there, kind of like a limousine atmosphere. There was also a smoking sign, as opposed to no smoking!

During the 25-minute ride, Laynie gave us samples of CBD oil products to try and water to drink. Of course she explained all about the products, too.

Here’s our handsome driver, Will, waiting for us at the end. He had just bought a new, growly sports car that day that I got to see back at the office!

The tour, priced at $69, actually cost about $100 per person if you include taxes and fees and a nice tip for the guide and driver, and you can book it on their website. It was a lot of fun and very informative. This tour doesn’t include cannabis to smoke, but you can bring your own to smoke on the bus. They also offer tours to different places around town for smoking purposes, a 420-friendly airport shuttle and other fun stuff. Check out their website for more details. If it means anything, I’m a big fan! Highly recommended!

Next week I’ll show you pictures from the cannabis farm itself, which exists to produce CBD oil and hemp, not cannabis that will get you high. It’s quite the operation!

Photo for No Apparent Reason: