Airport Christmas Market in Munich, Germany

On my recent trip to Germany, I didn’t have much time for sightseeing (except for the Egyptian Museum in Munich), and the main Christmas markets hadn’t opened yet. They usually open on the Thursday before the first Sunday of Advent, which is usually Thanksgiving in the States. I left the week before Thanksgiving.

However, my astute German friend insisted we check out the atrium at Munich’s Franz-Joseph Airport as I was leaving to see if the Christmas market there was open. The rest of the party (me and her Australian husband) doubted it, but she was persistent. I’m glad she was, because it was open!!! So, in keeping with the season, here’s Munich’s airport Christmas market, with some of the atmosphere and none of the crowds of the one downtown:

The airport has a huge, covered atrium, so the market is all-weather!

Smokey Joe’s is a fixture in the atrium no matter what season it is. It’s an Airstream trailer made into a food truck dressed up like an airplane. There’s even a propeller in front:

I’ve heard it called the sausage plane because their signature dish is currywurst. I’ve never eaten there, though.

In summer I’ve seen wave pools for surfing in the atrium. This time they had a real ice skating rink!

And my favorite discovery of the market: chainsaw Christmas trees made out of tree trunks. Wish I could have fit one in my carry-on!

So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Photo for No Apparent Reason: