The Lafayette, CO, Vampire Legend, Humanized

Earlier this year I re-posted my blog about the purported “vampire grave” in the nearby town of Lafayette, Colorado, just north of Denver.

This post brought me a couple of great experiences. For one, I was invited to give a so-called micro-lecture about what I’d discovered about the grave. The short speech was an intro to the reading of a horror-genre short story based on the vampire legend. It was all part of the Denver Horror Collective‘s reading and book-signing event.

In contrast, around the same time, I was gratified that two high school students from Fairview High in Boulder contacted me about the information I presented in the blog post.

Stephen Chen and Dorjee Zhang interviewed me and used some of my research materials to produce a podcast dealing with immigrant stereotypes in our society, using this vampire legend as an example. Their podcast will be entered into the NPR Student Podcast Challenge this year.

We met at the local mall and they recorded an interview for their podcast. During the interview, they told me they wanted to humanize Fodor Glava, the person buried in the “vampire” grave.  I think they did a wonderful job in connecting the historical facts and legends in a framework of demonstrating how immigrant stereotypes can be damaging.

They’ve finished the podcast and you can listen to it if you click here. You can even hear my beautiful voice at one point!

I’m impressed by the thinking of these students who want to humanize a vampire story in the hopes of helping change our attitudes about stereotypes and immigration. I’m so glad to have been a part of it. It gives me hope for this ole world! So, give a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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