Madhouse 4Paws Store in Longmont, Colorado

In case you don’t know, my husband and I have a French bulldog. Here’s our girl:(Who can resist those ears???) She is just one year old and is our first dog together. Neither of us have had a dog since we were teens. In addition to all the general puppy knowledge we’ve remembered or learned over the past year, we are also learning what Frenchie and bully behavior is. Fortunately, we have some friends who are long-time Frenchie owners and breeders who have helped us out so much in this department.

Here are three of their Frenchies:

Last month, they opened a wonderful shop in the nearby town of Longmont, Colorado, named Madhouse 4Paws.

I visited the shop for the first time recently, and I wanted to share the pictures with you. As the sign says, they have people swag, pet swag, home decor and other boutique items.

It’s set up so that you can come in, have a coffee and hang out while your pet romps around the store. Here’s the coffee station, including a dog water station. I’m so impressed that Victoria (owner) will not let the dogs share a water dish. Each visitor gets a fresh bowl and fresh water, which you don’t see often.

There are even freebie treats for your pet to try:

In addition, Victoria has a business partner who makes PawLu Dog Swag right on the premises, including collars, leashes, vests, bandanas and dresses:

See those two green collars on the rack in the above photo with shamrocks on them? There were three, but my dog now sports one of them!

Here are other shots of the store:

Wall of treats:

They also do pet portraiture. Here are a few examples:

Although my photos here are highly dog-centric, they have lots of stuff for cats and cat people, too. They even have future plans for expanding into a pet daycare operation.

I would highly recommend visiting this shop, even if you don’t have a pet. They have people swag related not only to pets, but also to Colorado in general. You could pick up a gift for a friend’s dog or cat. The possibilities are endless!

Madhouse 4Paws is located just a couple of blocks from my other favorite place in Longmont, Cheese Importers. So I’m set for excursions to Longmont!

(Also, I’d recommend the brewery next door for some after-shopping lunch and refreshment!)

Photo for No Apparent Reason: