“Dancers” Sculpture at Denver’s Performing Arts Complex

I first saw “Dancers” from an Uber on a visit a couple of years before moving to the Denver area. The figures looked to me like inflatables, although they don’t actually move:
This past summer I got to see them close up, just after visiting St. Elizabeth church, which is just down Champa Street from where they dance on Speer Boulevard in Denver’s Performing Arts Complex Sculpture Park. They seem to be the only permanent sculptures there, at least so far.
The park, which is adjacent to the Performing Arts Complex, has an amphitheater and hosts big events in the city, including the Shakespeare Festival. In fact, the Mile High Holiday Tree was located there last season. Here they are from the same side of Speer:
The artist is Jonathan Borofsky, and the sculpture was installed in 2003. My research tells me that music plays continuously at the sculpture–you can see one of the five speakers in the lower right corner of the above photo. The music is entitled “Let’s Dance” (not the Bowie one), which was composed by the sculptor himself and a collaborator. It’s supposed to play continuously, although I don’t actually remember hearing it the day I was there, unlike the Soundwalk on Curtis Street. Hmmm…
Anyway, the figures are variously reported to be either 50 feet tall or 60 feet tall. Here’s a demo of how huge they are. The foot in the photo is my 9.5-size sneaker:
Here’s my friend Laura standing between them for further scale:
Other angles:
As you can tell, the foregoing photos were taken on a rainy day. I visited later on a day when the light was much better, too:
Here you can actually see the Mile High Holiday Tree lower left:
The figures are 25 tons of steel and fiberglass and cost the city over $1.5 million. They are illuminated at night with spotlights shining up from the ground underneath.
Here’s one of my favorite shots:

The Sculpture Park is open all the time, and “Dancers” is free to visit. I noticed a lot of locals bringing their dogs and playing with kids there. Now that I know where the Shakespeare Festival is held, maybe you’ll see shots of that when the time comes!

Photo for No Apparent Reason: