Hofbräuhaus in St. Petersburg, FL vs. Munich

Is the St. Petersburg, FL, Hofbrauhaus the same as the original beer hall in Munich? Read this article to find out; I've been to both and make a comparison, including pictures.

Evergreen, Small Mountain Town West of Denver, Colorado

Small Evergreen, about 30 miles west of Denver in the Rocky Mountains, has some interesting history and present-day shops and eateries. Part of the Lariat Loop Scenic Byway, it's a nice stop on the route.

Hops! Prolific Hops Fields in Pfaffenhofen, Germany

A serendipitous visit to Bavaria's hops fields near Pfaffenhofen. Much of the world's hops is grown in this area and an Autobahn traffic jam forced me through the hops bines in Bavaria.

My Second Ghost Town: Caribou, Colorado, near Boulder

My second ghost town! Photos and some history of the stone ruins at Caribou, Colorado, a former silver mine in the Rocky Mountains about five miles from Nederland in Boulder County.

111 out of 111 Sights in Munich!

The last site of Munich in our favorite guidebook: 111 Things in Munich You Shouldn't Miss. It's the Marienklause, a forest-dark chapel on the banks of the Isar built after a dangerous flood by the grateful watchman who survived it. Includes photos of the Isar on a summer's day plus the footbridge and raft route over the river.