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Former Local Gallery
Director Publishes New Travel and Recipe Book about Bavaria
Karren Doll Tolliver, former Director of Downtown New Port Richey Art
Gallery (previously Progress Energy Art Gallery), now living near Munich, has
written a book about Bavarian cooking and her experiences there
Munich, Bavaria, Germany – January 21 2015 – Introducing A Travel for Taste: Germany (ISBN-13: 978-1495284380/ISBN-10: 1495284387), from travel and food
blogger Karren Doll Tolliver.
Written to inform readers about German travel and culture as
well as to instruct home cooks in the art of Bavarian cuisine, A Travel for Taste: Germany presents
more than 50 authentic German recipes and how to successfully produce them in
your own kitchen.
The author, Karren Doll Tolliver, is an American writer and
photographer living near Munich, Germany. Aside from teaching English as a
second language, she is an avid cook and actively collects authentic family
recipes from people she meets during her experiences abroad. She posts weekly
blogs at
recounting her latest adventures and newfound recipes.
In her new book, Tolliver presents all measurements in
standard US units, as well as in their original metric units. In addition, she
has experimented and researched how to locate or make ingredients that may be
hard to find in the States.
The stories and recipes in the 125-page book are illustrated
with Tolliver’s own color photographs. It is thoroughly indexed and
A Travel for Taste:
is available in print and Kindle versions on (
and many of Amazon’s international sites. In addition, readers can buy it from
Tolliver’s online store on (
Contact Karren Tolliver personally for other electronic versions. Links are as
“Whether you are of German heritage, have traveled there,
are planning a trip, or are simply curious about customary dishes and drinks, A Travel for Taste: Germany will fill
you with delicious inspiration and cultural information. It’s a cookbook
designed to be read for pleasure, as much as it is to provide specific recipes.
. .  a most enjoyable read.”  – Ann
Martin, author and paper artist, Delaware, USA
“This book is so much fun! I’m trying each recipe, one at a
time, and I swear each one is better than the previous one.  Besides getting great food, I’m also
getting a wonderful history and geography lesson. The first recipe I tried was
the cucumber salad. It was great and reminded me of the salad my Nana used to
serve. I bought copies for my family members.  Now they’ll have a great cookbook and learn about Bavaria at
the same time.” – Cyndie Smith,
professional jewelry artist and avid home cook, Lutz, Florida, USA
Karren Doll Tolliver is an American from the Midwest living
with her husband near Munich, Germany. She has a BA in English and holds a
Cambridge University certificate as a qualified teacher of English as a Second
Language (ESL). A freelance writer and photographer, Karren also currently
works as an ESL teacher online. In addition, she writes a weekly travel and
food blog titled “A Travel for Taste” at She also
maintains a monthly ESL podcast called “Slow American English” at
From 2007-2009, Tolliver was the director of the Downtown
New Port Richey Art Gallery (formerly Progress Energy Art Gallery) in New Port
Richey, Pasco County, Florida. During that time, she published the first book
in the “A Travel for Taste” series in 2008, which contained stories and recipes
from her time in the Czech Republic. Tolliver plans to continue the series with
stories and recipes from different regions of the world.
For more information about A Travel for Taste: Germany, please visit, or
Tolliver’s author page at,
or contact Karren Doll Tolliver directly at or
(German mobile phone number) +49 (0)175 584 2335. High-resolution photos and a
digital version of this press release are available at