Homemade Fresh Pasta Tutorial

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I’ve given you two pasta sauce recipes of late: the meat and tomato ragù recipe I posted last week and the Sugo Finto (‘fake sauce’) before that. So maybe you’d like to know how to make the pasta itself, instead of buying that dried, hard stuff at the store. Note: there is nothing really wrong with the dried hard stuff at the store – just buy the quality kind.

The quick and dirty: you don’t need a pasta machine to make any kind of flat pasta noodles or flat filled pasta like ravioli. All you need is a lot of counter space and some time. And, in my case, enough energy left over to clean up all the flour in the kitchen. read more

German Biskuit (Sponge Cake Base) for Obstkuchen (Fresh Fruit Tortes)

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With summer coming on I thought I’d give you a typical German summer dessert recipe to celebrate with. Germans call it Biskuit (“beese-kveet”). Although it looks like the word “biscuit”, it translates as “sponge cake”. Not just a sponge cake, but specifically a sponge cake base to be topped with fresh fruit. In English we call the finished product a fruit torte; in German, Obstkuchen.

Incidentally, the difference between a fruit torte and a fruit tart is that a tart has a pie crust under the fruit instead of a sponge cake layer. read more

New Public Enemy #1: Stolen ATFT Collected Czech Family Recipes Books

A New Port Richey woman, Judy P. frantically called the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department to report a theft of a major artwork from her collection. The item allegedly stolen was a copy of Karren Doll Tolliver’s latest book, A Travel for Taste – Collected Czech Family Recipes. It was cleverly disguised as a shipment from Amazon.com.

My NEW BOOK – ATFT Collected Czech Family Recipes

A Travel for Taste – Collected Czech Family Recipes

I’m thrilled to announce that today is the official release of my latest book:

A Travel for Taste – Collected Czech Family Recipes!
It is a revision of the first edition which included some non-Czech recipes. I rewrote it to include only Czech recipes. This new one has additional Czech recipes as well.

The best part of the book to me is the fact that the recipes are introduced by stories and photos from my travels. Each recipe has a narrative about how I came to have the recipe. And each dish is an authentic family recipe from Czech friends. read more

Fifth Bamberg Christmas Market – and SNOW!

Lots of sights this week: Bamberg's Artisan Christmas Market (fifth and final market in town), beautiful snowfall and my walk to Weipelsdorf in it, plus a few more German Christmas traditions and Nativity scenes around town.