Cheese Importers in Longmont: French Bistro in Colorado

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Cheese Importers in Longmont, Colorado, was a surprisingly wonderful European experience, smack in the middle of the northern Front Range! In addition to a huge selection of local and imported cheeses, you can have lunch at the bistro or a drink at the bar. Worth every effort to get there from Denver!

My Latest Book & Quirky Cafe Karibo in Fernandina Beach Florida

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This week I released my latest book, Traditional Old-World Easter-Egg Coloring Techniques - and the Kindle version is FREE until Sunday night! So hurry and get yours before time runs out. In addition, I present information and photos about wonderful Cafe Karibo in Fernandina Beach, Florida. This fun, family-owned restaurant serves up homemade beer and delicious, fresh food.

What’s the Difference between Ice Cream, Sherbet, Sorbet and Gelato?

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Final word on the difference between ice cream, sherbet, sherbert, sorbet, granita and Italian ice. Plus a delicious recipe for pomegranate-coconut milk sherbet that will knock your socks off. You won't believe its gluten-free and non-dairy!

German Mokka-Sahne-Torte (Mocha Cream Cake)

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In this post I will describe how to make a scrumptious, surprisingly light, layered cream cake, Mokka-Sahne-Torte:

Although this post technically involves a recipe, it’s is more about the process than the ingredients. I learned the technique, of course, from my German “mom” Hilde. This is her specialty. This is where she outdoes herself every time. I’ve personally tasted dozens of variations of the wonderful creations she’s made. Many times she doesn’t even use a recipe, just the procedures and her imagination. read more

Raspberry Souffle and Sugar in Germany

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Check out the new Recipes menu on the right sidebar of my blog page! I’ve categorized the recipes I’ve presented in the blog by country. If you click on a certain country name, or the intriguing “Noteworthy Extras” link, a page opens with pictures and direct links to the blogs containing the recipes. Have fun!

Tomorrow is Ascension Day, a feast day for Catholics and other Christians. The Ascension, Christi Himmelfahrt in German, is the day cited in the Bible, 40 days after Easter, when Christ physically ascended into heaven. Here in Germany it’s also a national bank holiday, so most people have the day off and lots of shops are closed. read more