Tarragon Salad with Blue Cheese à la Goldmarie, Munich

A salad based on one I had at Goldmarie restaurant in Munich. The recipe seems French, however, because of the French lettuce and French cheese. It's a perfect accompaniment to rich mains like steak and lobster. Recipe is included.

Padrón Peppers: The Easiest Tapas from Spain

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Poking around in the beautiful produce section of Feinkost Spina, the Italian importer here in Munich, I saw these:

The German name on the label means “frying peppers”. I’d never seen nor heard of them before but the picture on the package looked interesting and I was in an experimental frame of mind.

Once home, I googled the Spanish name on the label, “Pimientos de Padrón” and got hundreds of hits. It seems these Padrón peppers are known far and wide by anyone who’s been to a tapas bar in the Galicia region of northwest Spain.

And just in case you happen not to know: tapas are snacks, a sort of Spanish bar food. They can be practically anything from small servings of meat with sauce to fried shrimp to small omelets. Typically, at least in tapas bars in the US, you order them in batches, much like you’d order a sushi roll, probably to share with your table. Tapas should be paired with wine or sangria. Tapas bars can be found in almost every country nowadays. read more