Things to Do in Tampa Bay Florida: Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks

Next in the series of where to take your visitors in Florida: Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks. A small, pleasant few blocks of waterfront with Greek architecture and food, plus shells, souvenirs and sponges galore at kitschy little shops.

Things to do in Tampa Bay Florida: Mazzaro’s Italian Market Murals in St. Pete

Continuing the series of inexpensive daytrips near the Tampa Bay, Florida, area, this week I present the murals on the Mazzaro Italian Market buildings in St. Petersburg. When you have out-of-town visitors and don't know what to do with them, treat them and yourself to an interesting, photographable destination that is cheap and uncomplicated. Plus, buy my books and blog gear to fulfill your holiday shopping list!

Highland Tavern in Denver, CO

The Highland Tavern in Denver's LoHi (Lower Highland) district is a neighborhood bar with a great selection of beers on tap and really good bar food. I recommend the Tavern Burger and also exploring the whole neighborhood for drinking and dining.

What’s the Difference between Ice Cream, Sherbet, Sorbet and Gelato?

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Final word on the difference between ice cream, sherbet, sherbert, sorbet, granita and Italian ice. Plus a delicious recipe for pomegranate-coconut milk sherbet that will knock your socks off. You won't believe its gluten-free and non-dairy!

Gas Full Service Restaurant St. Augustine, Florida

On Anastasia Island in St. Augustine in a converted filling station, Gas Full Service Restaurant does not disappoint when it comes to killer hamburgers and tasty American fare.

Historic Lutz, FL, Train Station – and new subscription method!

Before we get to the train station photos:

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How to Make Your Own Corn Tortillas with Masa Harina

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If you know what masa harina is, you can make homemade corn tortillas from scratch. Although I use a tortilla press, you can roll them out with a rolling pin, too. Be ready for Cinco de Mayo with this easy recipe!

Mouflon Sheep Roast in the Bavarian Forest

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I’ve just spent a week in the Bayerischer Wald, or Bavarian Forest, a large, rural area in southeast Bavaria along the Czech border with lots of forest and low mountains.

You may have heard of the Schwarzwald, or Black Forest. Well, this is another forest on the other side of the country. It’s not a national forest like in the USA, but rather a geographic region. That said, with the German priority for conservation, the forests are managed with an eye toward keeping nature intact. Building, farming, hunting and lumber harvesting are highly regulated. In fact, part of the Bavarian Forest is a nature preserve. read more

Padrón Peppers: The Easiest Tapas from Spain

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Poking around in the beautiful produce section of Feinkost Spina, the Italian importer here in Munich, I saw these:

The German name on the label means “frying peppers”. I’d never seen nor heard of them before but the picture on the package looked interesting and I was in an experimental frame of mind.

Once home, I googled the Spanish name on the label, “Pimientos de Padrón” and got hundreds of hits. It seems these Padrón peppers are known far and wide by anyone who’s been to a tapas bar in the Galicia region of northwest Spain.

And just in case you happen not to know: tapas are snacks, a sort of Spanish bar food. They can be practically anything from small servings of meat with sauce to fried shrimp to small omelets. Typically, at least in tapas bars in the US, you order them in batches, much like you’d order a sushi roll, probably to share with your table. Tapas should be paired with wine or sangria. Tapas bars can be found in almost every country nowadays. read more

Augustiner Keller, One of Munich’s Biggest Biergartens

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A few weeks ago I posted photos of Munich’s birthday celebration. As if the street fest weren’t enough, afterward my husband and I visited the huge Augustiner Keller Biergarten near the main train station. read more