Food in Paris

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Photos, names and descriptions of some of the best food Paris has to offer in bistros, cafes and restaurants, from macarons to schawarma and everything in between.

Raspberry Souffle and Sugar in Germany

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Check out the new Recipes menu on the right sidebar of my blog page! I’ve categorized the recipes I’ve presented in the blog by country. If you click on a certain country name, or the intriguing “Noteworthy Extras” link, a page opens with pictures and direct links to the blogs containing the recipes. Have fun!

Tomorrow is Ascension Day, a feast day for Catholics and other Christians. The Ascension, Christi Himmelfahrt in German, is the day cited in the Bible, 40 days after Easter, when Christ physically ascended into heaven. Here in Germany it’s also a national bank holiday, so most people have the day off and lots of shops are closed. read more