Berninger Wine – no, not Beringer

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I’m so gratified to see that my blog post titled Devil Chix a couple of weeks ago had a fun effect. I was invited to dinner with some friends just before Easter and they served this:

Plus, another friend and I made these on Easter:

named them, back row from left: Puppy Chick, Blue Chick, Fat Chick,
Minion Chick, Sunglasses Chick, Groucho Chick. Front row from left:
Jealous Chick, Clown Chick, Ran-Out-Of-Filling-So-Used-Cheese-Spread
Chick, Regular Chick, Jealous Chick II.

But I digress. This week I want to describe a wonderful evening at a Weingut (winery) that I recently enjoyed with my husband and German “parents,” Hilde and Adi. read more

(Almost) Albrecht Dürer Exhibit in Nuremberg

A visit to Nuremberg to see the Durer exhibit. Didn't make it this time, but I visited St. Lorenz and Frauenkirche churches, the Schoener Brunnen and the main square, topping it off with beer and schnitzel.