Don’t you think it’s time you took a vacation?

You should travel more. You want to, but, well, life: job, kids, spouse. Not to mention that pesky pandemic. It may be hard to take a vacation IRL, but you can take a virtual mini-vacation right here on the A Travel for Taste (ATFT) blog!

I bring you posts about intriguing places I’ve visited with lots of photos and some fascinating background text. And there are retro-posts from my years of travel with the same kind of illuminating pictures and information. I even give you visiting details if you decide to visit in person.

Some of the places are well-known tourist destinations, but, more often than not, they are off-the-beaten-path gems only the locals know about. Settle in for little-known European holes-in-the-wall, American roadside attractions and everything in between!

You’ll definitely be entertained, maybe even transported! And you might learn something that makes us understand each other just a little better. Don’t we need that in our world today?

Make ATFT your work-break trip. It’s cheap and easy travel, and your boss doesn’t even have to know!

What my readers say:

  • Thank you again for another small respite from my day!
    – B. Finke, St. Petersburg, FL, USA
  • Thank you for taking me along on your road trips through Colorado. I always feel as though I’m there!
    – P. Showen, Ocala, FL, USA
  • I look at the Germany of my memory as a second homeland. If I were to return to Germany for any extended period, I am afraid I would feel like a stranger. Using the “111” guide book may be a big help in making me feel at home again. Thank you for your blog.
    – Daniel Lovick, Monterey, CA, USA
  • When I have time I read your blog and have a look at your fotos. So I travel through your country with you, many thanks again.
    – Dr. I. Ditmer-Zimmerman, Offenbach-Hundhiem, Germany
  • As a writer of westerns, I can appreciate the pictures and information on little known but interesting places in the west. Thanks, Karren, for taking me out of my little, cramped corner and transporting me on another adventure to a faraway place. I’m looking forward to more of the same!
    – R. Annan, Hudson, FL, USA
  • So enjoy taking these journeys with you!
    – C. B. Fortner, Clarksville, TN, USA

About me:

I’m Karren Doll Tolliver. I grew up in a small Midwestern American town, reading and dreaming of all the exotic and inspiring places I would visit one day. In my case, “one day” actually came: I’ve lived in the Midwest, Deep South and West of the USA. I’ve also spent years living in Europe (Czech Republic and Germany), and traveled far and wide no matter where home happened to be. I continue to travel extensively whenever I get the chance, so I’ve seen a great deal of this wonderful world.

Fortunately, I earned a degree in English and I learned research, writing and photography before setting out on these travels. Now I’m able to bring my experiences to you on this blog. In addition to this travel blog jam, I am an avid cook, proprietor of the Iron Chicken Kitchen (a Colorado Cottage Food Factory) Mini Cooper driver, quiller, webmaster, ESL teacher and author. Plus I created an English-learners’ podcast, Slow American English.

I currently live in Colorado with my husband of 30+ years and our French bulldog named Minnie.


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