Italian(-based) Ombré Rainbow Cookies

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Learn how to make the traditional Italian Rainbow cookies, which are really tiny cakes. You can put an ombré or any other color scheme touch on them. This is an overnight recipe, so plan ahead. The almond-chocolate-raspberry flavor of the bite-sized cakes will make you glad you spent the time and effort. Recipe is included.

Blue Cheese Sablés Butter Cookies

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A tangy variation on the plain sablés, or French butter cookies. Adding blue cheese enhances the melt-in-your-mouth quality of these delicate little cookies. They are great for wine-tasting, and you can keep some dough in the freezer ready to bake for last-minute guests. Recipe included.

Bringing It All Together – Brioche Hamburger Buns

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On our recent trip to Florida, my husband and I had THE MOST DELICIOUS hamburger ever! It was the house specialty burger at Grillsmith restaurant, a small chain in the Tampa area. It was cooked medium-rare with all the trimmings, including bacon and Munster cheese. It was served on a brioche bun, which stood up to the juicy burger, and was just marvelous! I resolved to recreate this gem at home.

I’ve mentioned on this blog before that a surefire cure for homesickness, for me anyway, is a big, juicy hamburger. And not one of those European ones, either. Therefore, one of my culinary missions is to create the perfect American burger here in Germany. read more

How to Make Flan in a Foreign Country

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You may remember from last week’s blog that I recently started posting some of my photos for sale on a stock photo site called Alamy. I uploaded a few more this week, so if you’re in the market or know someone who needs photos for brochures, websites, books or other publications, check out my Alamy page. I’ll be adding something most weeks, so check back often. Thanks!

This week I want to tell you about a recent adventure making flan from my friend Carmela’s mother’s recipe. Flan is a delicious custard dessert of Spanish origins. In this case, the recipe comes direct from Mexico. Here are Carmela’s notes from a phone call with her mother: read more