Europe 2010 – 8 August

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This personal travel journal is free to you and I get no remuneration for my posts. I do it because I love sharing Europe with my friends. There is a certain amount of freedome of style, too, because I don’t have to conform to any editorial rules such as avoiding contractions, the first person voice, or damn cusswords!

So on with the show. This time I’ll tell you about my second trip to Munich this year. My husband, James, came for an all-too-brief visit in early June and we traveled to Munich to tour the BMW attractions there. Neither one of us had ever seen them and we are both BMW fans. I have a Mini Cooper that is like my own beating heart and his dream car is a BMW M6 convertible. We’re working on his. First I have to tell you about the BMW miracle. The week before my husband arrived I had called the BMW Museum. They have a City Tour wherein you can ride through Munich in original BMW convertibles from the 1930’s and 1950’s. That’s what we wanted to do. So I called the Museum, but there was no answer. I left a message; I think I left a message because it was in German and I heard a beep. Oh well. To be sure, I called back later that same day and managed to talk to a nice person who told me the tours were totally booked on the dates that we could make it. Rats. So my husband and I proceeded to look at other options. A couple of days after he arrived, I received a phone call from the BMW Museum in response to the message that I had left the week before. They said they had five places left the coming Sunday and asked if I was still interested. Was I! I immediately booked our spots and asked if there had been cancellations. The person was very confused and said she didn’t know why I was told they were booked because they had not been full for that particular tour. Things are always working out for us! So we quickly planned our weekend to Munich. We hopped a bus to the Bamberg train station on Saturday, June 5, where I met these two lovely young people: I totally dig their get-ups. The one on the left is Sebastian. I didn’t catch the girl’s name correctly. It was endearing to me that these kids were SO SHY when I asked to take their pictures. Imagine getting dressed up like that, spending no telling how much time, and then being shy about getting attention.  Hey, Sherry, would they qualify as Juggelos?

Here’s a self-portrait I took of us in the window of a passing train. Keep in mind the train was moving at the time.

There was a large group of cyclists who boarded a train on their way to some planned ride. Not all trains in Germany allow bicycles and I think there is an extra fee to transport them. There is limited space, too, so you have to have a bike reservation. These guys had the procedure down to a science. They managed to stow about 20 bikes in the few minutes the train was stopped at the platform. read more