Things to Do in Tampa Bay Florida: Cypress Point Park Plane Flyovers

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So those family members and friends have come to visit you in sunny Tampa Bay Florida for the holidays. And you are happy to have them and you love them and you are ready for a break from them, right? Well, here is an idea for a FREE outing: take them to Cypress Point Park in Tampa.

This was an idea, once again, from my photo bud, Paula Showen. She wanted to photograph planes flying low overhead. I knew just the place. Long ago before they built up the park, it was known informally as Dog Beach. My husband and I went there often on Sunday morning to read the paper and drink coffee on the small beach. One day we took our kite and almost got in trouble from the sheriff because we were flying it in the approach flight path!

Since then the city has spent a lot of money to upgrade the area. These days the park boasts almost a mile of asphalt path and almost a half-mile of nature trails. There’s a very nice beach there and is a wonderful location for watching sunsets. It’s uncrowded, well-kept, easy to get to. It’s even on the city bus line.

To get there, follow Cypress Boulevard from Tampa west all the way to the end. Turn left into the park between two office buildings. There is no admission charge; you can stay from sunup to sundown every day.

Paula and I had a grand time craning our necks and cameras as the planes flew over. We had to move around a few times when they changed runways, but you can see the planes in plenty of time to move into position.

Here are some of my shots of the various jets flying over that day. Can’t you just hear the jet whoosh?


American Airlines:


american-airlines  delta-airways

Waiting on the next flight, I shot this flyer landing:greatwhiteegret


Silver Airlines which flies from Cuba and the Caribbean:silver-airways

Lots of Southwest flights that day:southwest-airplane

Festively painted Southwest flight:southwest-florida-plane


Spirit Airlines:spiritairlines



Cypress Point Park has several picnic areas as well as a fairly nice restroom. So, when you head for the park, don’t forget the picnic basket. Here is a great recipe for no-bake saltine snack crackers that would be just the thing to pack:

[ultimate-recipe id=”7995″ template=”default”]

Photo for No Apparent Reason:


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