Goin’ Out West

If you are a subscriber to my blog here (sign up above if you’re not), you’d have received the ATFT Second Quarter newsletter on April 15th. In it, as in each newsletter, you’ll find a recap of the previous quarter, with links to each blog and each recipe posted during that time, plus info about any new gear or publications I’ve released for that period.

But the BIG NEWS is my husband and I have just moved to the Denver area! We now live in a little community just north of Denver called Broomfield. We flew out about a week ago, and my car joined us a few days later. The furniture and household goods arrived just two days ago. Let me tell you how much more I appreciate my kitchen and bed since I’ve had to do without for a while. But now, I’m in the midst of unpacking and organizing the new place.

So this post will be short and sweet. First, have a photo of my husband who is obviously ready for the western life!

A few observations from a newbie:

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE here is super, super friendly.

It’s so dry here that there is no condensation on glasses that contain iced beverages. Really. What I’ll save on coasters!

Although it was nearly 80 yesterday, they are expecting snow this weekend. That sort of thing will continue through May, apparently.

Altitude adjustment (read, sickness) truly is like having a hangover in many respects. Fortunately I’m over the worst part. Still developing lung capacity for the thin air, though.

That’s it for this week. Expect much more about this area and the beautiful Rockies in future posts, of course, as well as my adventures with cooking at a mile above sea level.

Photo for No Apparent Reason:


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  1. Congratulations!!!! So nice that you made it out of Florida and on your way to new adventures. I can’t wait to read about all of them!

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