Augustiner Keller, One of Munich’s Biggest Biergartens

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This post was originally published on July 2, 2014 and updated on June 4, 2019.

If May was devoted to Paris, June’s TBTPs will be featuring Germany in the summer. It’s Biergarten season there, after all!

A few weeks ago I posted photos of Munich’s birthday celebration. As if the street fest weren’t enough, afterward my husband and I visited the huge Augustiner Keller Biergarten near the main train station.

To get there, if you stand in the part of the train station where you can see the long-distance trains, head out the exit to Arnulfstrasse. Hang a left and walk maybe 4 or 5 blocks. It will be on the right.

The Herzlich Willkommen (“A Hearty Welcome”) sign at the entrance:

This Biergarten is so big it has its own Maibaum (Maypole”) that’s even taller than the one in my neighborhood:

The typical Biergarten table setting:

More scenery – you can get an idea of the size of this place. And this is only about a third of the table-service area. There is an even larger self-serve area behind it.

Then came the food! I had the Schweinshax’n (“roasted pork joint”) with potato salad. This is one of my favorite Bavarian dishes. If it’s done right, the meat just melts in your mouth! This was good, but the best one I ever had was at Mahrs Brewery in Bamberg.

James had the Halbhend’l (“half chicken”), which is right up there with the Hax’n in my book. The half-chicken is also a traditional meal. They sell a prepared spice rub for this dish in any supermarket here.

The afternoon was pleasant and it was a very relaxing rest after walking through the street market downtown with all the tourists. About the most exciting scenery here was a waiter trucking liters of beer to a group of young men nearby:

And he also delivered two tureens of Munich’s traditional sausage, Weißwurst. The tureens are traditional, with lion’s heads for handles. The bowl is filled with hot water and the sausages float in the water. A plate covers the tureen and the pretzels are put on top. Along with a beer, this is considered the best breakfast around. And you can get them any time of the day.

As we left, a group of young men, probably a bachelor party, was waiting at the entrance:

Can’t figure them out, seriously!

Photo for No Apparent Reason:

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