Florida Polytechnic University’s IST Building: Awe-Inspiring Architecture!

This week I have a simply stunning piece of architecture to show you! It’s the Innovation, Science and Technology (IST) building at Florida Polytechnic University in Lakeland.

In my post about the Airstream Ranch last week, I mentioned I’d seen sights along Interstate 4 recently I never knew existed. The IST at Florida Polytechnic was a prime example. (FYI: In the same post last week I also described the HDR digital photo process that gives photos a marvelous depth and interest. I used that process for the photo of the IST above.)ist calatrava read more

Neues Museum, Nuremberg, Germany

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Happy Superbowl Sunday to all my American friends! Enjoy the game, the parties and the commercials! I’m there in spirit!

Yesterday I made the 30-minute train
trip to Nuremberg. You may remember I attempted to visit the German National
Museum to see the Albrecht Durer exhibit last year. While I didn’t get
to see that particular exhibit, I knew that Nuremberg has six or seven good
museums and that I would get to see something interesting if I went there.

Plus it was my first opportunity to venture out for a photo excursion with my new Nikon D800 nestled snugly in my new National Geographic camera bag. Love that! I checked the web and there was not anything on offer at any of the museums that I had a burning desire to see. So I chose the museum closest to the train station, which was the Neueus Museum, which literally translates as “New Museum.” From the train platforms in the train station, you can walk through an underground area and emerge on the other side of a busy, multi-lane thoroughfare right at one of the entrances to Nuremberg’s historic Old Town district. Though most of the underground area is dingy, depressing gray concrete and ugly fluorescent lighting, I do always enjoy seeing this mural depicting the Old Town on my way through (except for the hideous orange tile): To give you an example of the creepy, stressful shops under there, here’s a shot of a wig shop named Zweit Haare, or Second Hairs. I will give them points for dressing each mannequin head in a different style with scarves, sunglasses and the like.

Once you
emerge from the uneasy underground, the first thing you see is a giant tower at
the entrance of the Old Town: read more