Gas Full Service Restaurant St. Augustine, Florida

I just want to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband who supports my crazy travel and food habits in more ways than one! Now to the post:

This week I bring you one of the many, many delicious scarfing establishments of St. Augustine, the famous Gas Full Service Restaurant.

This burger joint is the place! Gas is located just across the Bridge of Lions, which I wrote about in a recent post. We Ubered there, but it would be easy to find if you’re driving. Just follow Florida Highway A1A across the bridge to Anastasia Island. Gas is on the right not too far after the bridge, about a tenth of a mile or so. It is, indeed, a former gas station, and you can see the outside of it at this Google maps link. I find it hilarious there is a hearse in the parking log on the Google street view!

But I digress. The front door:

gas full service st augustine

LOVE the door handles; I almost expected them to smell like gasoline, but they didn’t.

gas st augustine door handles

Inside they haven’t done much to discourage the impression of an old-fashioned filling station. Love the small touches like the grease-bucket trash can and almost-trademark-infringement Texaco-like stars.

gas full service interior

The service there is very fast and friendly. For starters they bring you a basket of their homemade chips with sea salt and malt vinegar.

Gas homemade waffle chips

Since moving back from Europe last year, I still haven’t quenched my constant craving for American burgers, so this place was just what the doctor ordered. They have a daily special “stuffed” burger, which I had. That top layer under the bun is a fried green tomato:

Stuffed burger of day

Hubby had the “Classic Cruiser” burger.

Classic cruiser Gas restaurant He also had a locally brewed beer, for which he gave his thumbs-up approval. Of course, we aren’t animals, so we had to eat these monsters with knife and fork!

I hope I don’t disappoint you, but I was so busy eating this wonderful meal that there aren’t any more photos! All I can say is that Gas is definitely worth the trip! It’s hard to find a bad meal in St. Augustine, but Gas is among the finest fare if you’re looking for a good ole American burger!

Photo for No Apparent Reason:

regensburg cafe

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  1. I’ve been to St. Augustine and Anastasia Island so many times and never visited this place. Now, I really would like o go back and check it out!

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